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Here at Xobor you can easily make your own forum with tons of cool and easy-to-use features. We offer unlimited storage space for your pictures and file attachments, reliable Support, design presets and much more - and the best part: the forum is 100% free!

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  • 2015-07-07Update: count ratings!
  • 2015-07-03Update: recurring events!
  • 2015-06-23Update: Ban users!
  • 2010-02-29News functions: birthdays today & who has been online?
  • 2010-02-15Brand new statistics with loads of details.
  • 2010-01-14Ban members, new designs, inform members when a thread is moved.
  • 2009-12-30Show members with double e-mail entries.
  • 2009-12-22New: send newsletters to a special group like "inactive members".
  • 2009-12-07New: "Online" status in forum topics & more updates.
  • 2009-12-03Our forums are faster than 92% of all other websites.
  • 2009-10-08New functions added! Easily add your own HTML pages without programming skills now. Furthermore receive notifications when new members register.
  • 2009-08-21Another big update is online: Tag friends and members on pictures in your gallery.
  • 2009-07-27Receive notifications when new gallery pictures are uploaded or new calendar events are created.
  • 2009-07-07Now you can use your webcam to create an avatar to use in your profile!
  • 2009-06-13Big update implementing cool new forum functions! Brand new designs, extras like a picture gallery, a calendar and loads of great extensions for your board. Check it out…
  • 2009-04-24New function: preview for template designs!
  • 2009-03-01Import your forum from RapidForum easily.
  • 2009-02-01Our team is growing! Xobor welcomes 2 new co-workers
  • 2009-01-02Statistics: In 2008 we had an uptime of 99,95 percent!
Forum features
  • Choose from different forum designs Easily customize your forum via our Admin-Interface.
  • Your forum is Immediatly available Immediatly available upon registration.
  • Every User has an own profile at your free forum custom User-Profile for sending and recieving mails.
  • Many Add ons - free picture gallery included Attachments and picture galleries supported.
  • Permanent and guaranteed accessibility Permanent and guaranteed accessibility (99.9%) even for large forums.
  • You are able to register an own domain for the forum Use your own .com domain (optional)
  • The Forum is permanently free of charge Your forum is permantly free of charge.
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